Trump’s Real Accomplishments

Recently I saw a post being reposted about all that Donald Trump has accomplished in such a short period of time.  These supposed accomplishments supposedly gave those posting a reason for voting Trump in this election.  Unfortunately the post leaves out some very important facts and it is just not representative of reality.  However, there are some very important things that I must acknowledge Mr. Trump has accomplished or at least is in the process of accomplishing in a very short period of time. Things that stood strong for decades but in just a few months Mr. Trump has been able to change.  Regrettably, these accomplishments will not be good for America.

In the 1970’s a Christian political force was formed by Jerry Falwell.  For nearly 2 decades the Moral Majority was a powerful force of conservative Christians impacting the political framework toward a moral conscience.  Indeed, John Adams, one of our most significant founding fathers and a president of the United States said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” In 1989, Mr. Falwell claimed that the Moral Majority had met its goal and that religious conservatives were now in place for the duration.  That statement has been proven questionable particularly on the democratic side. However, Democrats are now claiming moral high ground relative to Trump.  In one generation, Falwell’s son, president of the largest Christian University in the world and a lead apologist for Donald Trump is proclaiming that moral leadership is inconsequential and irrelevant.   That is a significant accomplishment.  In a few months, Donald Trump has been able to undo decades of work by Falwell’s father and millions of others. With this defeat, everything is on the table now in terms of leadership. There will be nothing out of bounds for either side.

That however is only the beginning of Mr. Trump’s list of abysmal accomplishments in the past 15 months.  For decades, Dr. James Dobson stood for the sanctity of the family. There was no one who spoke with greater passion and greater authority that Dr. Dobson.  His organization was above reproach and garnered the respect of millions.  Dr. Dobson sat on the commission for pornography under Ronald Reagan.  He relentlessly stood for faith and purity.  Today however he stands in support of an accused sexual predator and child rapist.  A man profiting from casinos with strip clubs.  He stands with a man who brags about sexual assault and proudly displays his framed Playboy cover in his office.  I never would have seen that coming but I must acknowledge Trump accomplished a significant hurdle in discrediting the ministry Dobson worked diligently toward for half a century and making Dobson an advocate in his camp.

Billy Graham called millions to repentance in his preaching for over half a century.  He shared the gospel and told millions that Jesus is the only solution.  His son, president and chairman of the board of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association now passively but clearly defends Donald Trump who proudly says that repentance and forgiveness is unnecessary and who says that he and only he can solve the problems this nation faces.

Max Lucado ministered faithfully to millions of people with the highest integrity and deepest humility.  He wrote numerous books that have been an inspiration around the world.  Mr. Trump has managed to turn thousands of people who consider themselves Christians to condemn Max and align with himself.   They say that Trump with all his scandals is more “Christian” than a pastor who has ministered faithfully for decades.  There may have been no one respected in the Christian community more than Max Lucado only a few months ago.  Now thousands have cried out against him as a “Pharisee” as they line up behind Trump.  That is a major accomplishment for Donald Trump especially considering what pastors all around the country see as the inevitable outcome if they call attention to the failures of Donald Trump.  If this can be done to Max Lucado, imagine what a lesser known pastor could experience.

Millions of us believed because he had tenaciously risked his career by standing up to both parties that Ted Cruz was not just another politician, he was a man of principle.  He boldly stood up to the Senate majority leader of his own party and called out his lies.  He fought relentlessly for conservative values. He spoke courageously about his faith and he condemned the dangerous policies in Washington.  He linked both parties together as he referred to the “Washington Cartel.”  However, Trump even managed to move Cruz into line behind him.  The man millions considered a principled leader has now become another politician in the minds of many.  Solid score for Trump.

Thousands, maybe millions of professing evangelicals who condemn immoral behavior in their own backyard are vehemently supporting a man who shamelessly cheats and exploits people, who lies blatantly when the facts are literally on the table next to him, who objectifies and brags of violating women, who incites violence and division and who demonstrates no virtues necessary for living in integrity much less leading a nation in distress.  Mr. Trump has replaced the virtues of God for the expedience of the “win” for many professing Christians.  That is a very big accomplishment in his camp.

Mr. Trump has led a campaign that has splintered the Republican Party to the point that it may not be salvageable but he has left the Democrat party not only in tact but stronger than it was a few months ago.  He has allowed his friend Hillary Clinton who is very possibly the weakest and most disliked candidate in history to not only remain viable but to be likely the next president of the United States.

Despite having the verbal grace of Joe Biden, the business integrity of Bernie Madoff, the political corruption of Hillary Clinton, the moral fortitude of Anthony Weiner, the policy clarity of Nancy Pelosi, a truth capacity that requires asbestos trousers and a competence level seen only in the Darwin Awards, he has succeeded in developing a personality following quite possibly that could live up to his claim that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a single follower.

The indefensible list really goes on and on.  In several short months the evangelical church has lost virtually all credibility.  Can we seriously speak biblical truth when we not only excuse but we justify and we defend heinous sin in this candidate?  The answer is obviously, “no, we can’t.”  Can parents who stand and defend Trump’s sexual exploits talk with their children about respecting women and sexual purity?  Of course they can’t.  Their moral authority is destroyed.  The left had fought for years from the outside to defeat this work.  Mr. Trump came from the inside and destroyed it in a matter of months. Mr. Trump has undeniably accomplished a great deal in a very short period of time.  There is no telling how much he could accomplish if given 4 years in the office of president.

I would like to stop the post there but I know the chorus will now ring out that since I cannot support Donald Trump, I am obviously for Hillary Clinton.  The answer is an unequivocal, “NO, I AM NOT – BOTH CANDIDATES ARE UNFIT FOR OFFICE.”  I am for courageous and good Americans standing up and saying, “We will not accept either of these candidates.”  We obviously have a system that the two major parties have exploited to their advantage.  There is nothing wrong with our Constitution, our parties have simply hijacked the process to benefit themselves.  For over 200 years, men and women have struggled for freedom in this country.  Many have died fighting for freedom, many were irreparably wounded.  Is it too much to ask for us to break out of our complacency and simply say, “ENOUGH!”?  We owe it to those who have gone before us to not complacently sit back and let what they gave their lives for to disintegrate before our eyes.

America has a government that is supposed to be by the people, of the people and for the people.  We do not have to bow at the alter of the 2 political parties.  There are NOT just 2 choices.  There are only 2 choices if we as Americans give into the corruption of the two political parties, throw our hands up in the air in laziness and surrender and allow those parties and those politicians to dictate to us what we can and cannot do.  We as Americans have the power to fire them.  The problem is they have bought us.  Both sides, both parties have bought us.  We must be willing to lay down the equivalent of our “Happy Meals” to pick up freedom.

There was a time when Christians would stand for what is right.  They would not settle for corruption and immorality. The church is supposed to reject the world for the truth.  Isn’t that what our Bible tells us?  Instead we are adopting the worst the world has to offer and we are putting it forward as our standard.  The church is losing every shred of credibility.

Our founders laid down their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to pursue the impossible.  A bunch of farmers with muskets and large rowboats (with the help of God) defeated the largest and strongest Army and Navy in the world.  Can we not even come together as Americans and take one hour to vote for someone worthy of leading this great nation?  How can we make America Great Again if we choose a leader for the top that comes from the bottom of the barrel?

If everyone who says, “voting for a third party on principle is a wasted vote” actually voted for a third party, we could see real change in our country especially in this election of expected low turnout for the two most disliked candidates.  A wasted vote really is for a candidate who you don’t believe in to support a party who has betrayed you for the purpose of trying to defeat another candidate who is bottom fishing along with your candidate.  That is a wasted vote.


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