My Vote Will Count

On November 8, my vote will count.  It will not count for a party who has betrayed both me and my country It will not count for a party who has lost its moral compass to the seduction of power and wealth.  It will not count for a candidate who finds truth to be optional, virtue to be outdated or justice to be selective.  It will not count for those around me who are screaming that if I don’t vote one way it will be a vote for the other major candidate.  No party is entitled to my vote.  And none this time has earned it.  Our political system has devolved to a level that is embarrassing, shameful and dangerous.  There is no lesser of evils anymore.  We have travelled that road to its natural end and only evil of different styles but equal proportions is left.

No, my vote will count for freedom.  It will resonate with a new song that in the midst of a system  wholly corrupted I can choose to stand above the corruption and let my voice be heard.  It is a small voice but it is mine.  However, if we as Americans joined our voices together, our voice would be stronger, it would be louder.  If enough of our voices stood up, unified, we could make a difference and maybe even put an end to the ruling class that is destroying our legacy, stealing from our children, manipulating us to divide us and with one voice we could once again establish a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

My vote will count for 56 men who gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to establish a land where everyone of us could be free.  They said our government is wholly inadequate for an immoral or irreligious people.  In wisdom they risked everything for this nation. I will not cast a vote for evil of any form regardless how “lesser.” These men deserve better and they warned us that this would come.

My vote will count for the hundreds of thousands of men and women who died in the effort to not only free people of color from slavery but to elevate all people to the point that people of all descents can run for and even attain the highest office in the world. I will not cast a vote for a candidate who uses race as bait or as a manipulative political lever. Nor will I cast a vote for a candidate who does not value individuals as being created equal; who objectifies and demonizes others because of their race or gender.  Hundreds of thousands died to overcome that evil, why would I cast my vote for any form of that?

My vote will count for hundreds of thousands more who gave their lives on distant shores to defeat evil incarnate. I will not dishonor them by casting a vote for anything less than what they deserve, a virtuous leader who will fight relentlessly for the freedom and justice for the American people and the guiding principles of the Constitution of the United States.  A leader who will root out and destroy evil, not be “the lesser of two evils.”

My vote will count for those who have no voice. For those not yet born facing the ultimate cruelty of being torn limb from limb before taking a single breath.  For those being manipulated and crushed by a political system that is using them for its own power. For those who have no vote but who will be saddled with impossible debt and obligations by powerful politicians in a city far from them who are interested only in their re-election and personal ambition. For those who cannot afford expensive lawyers to defend themselves against a morally bankrupt tyrant. For those living a peaceful life of faith who are being destroyed by the political agenda of a few. My vote will not sacrifice any of them on the leverage of opposing a “greater” evil.

We as a people always choose the best of the best when we choose a car, a phone, a toothbrush or toothpaste, even toilet paper.  Why then when we are choosing the most important leader of our nation, the one who will chart the course for our children do we choose the least of the worst?

I don’t have to play that game.  I don’t have to allow two parties, neither of which represent me, to dictate to me who I have to vote for.  This is still America!

Neither party and neither candidate is going to save America.  Only the hand of God and the American people will save America.

My vote will stand for truth

My vote will stand for blind justice

My vote will stand for liberty

My vote will stand for the convictions of my faith.  It will not justify, It will not excuse, It will not compromise.

My vote will stand for principles and virtue

America deserves truth.

America deserves justice.

America deserves virtue

Without these there is no freedom.  Without these America cannot survive.

For those who tell me that my vote will not count if I don’t vote for one of the major candidates I say, “You are likely propping up a party you no longer believe in and voting for a candidate you are holding your nose for.  Whose vote doesn’t count?”

I only have one voice but it will be standing for what is right.  My voice will not be raised for what is not true, what is not virtuous or what is not just.


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