I know who you are voting against, but who are you voting for?

This election cycle is unbelievable to me.  Leaders I have respected for decades are setting aside principles, truth, logic and virtue in favor of clinging to a party they have reviled for years all for the sake of defeating a candidate and a party they despise more than their own. Yes I understand the depth of the corruption of Hillary Clinton and yes I understand the consequences of a Clinton presidency. I really do. and yes I will vote against her.  But I cannot consider voting against her with a vote that I have not considered the consequences of who I am voting for.

There are some reading this who are solidly behind Trump. They have seen the overreach of the Obama administration, they have seen their own party betray them.  They are angry and they are looking for a strongman to make everything right.  To those I say, “Peace be with you.  Go vote your conscience.” I already know your answer and I wholeheartedly disagree with you on many levels but I embrace a free country that allows us to make our own choice.  God be with you. This post is not really for you.

However, there are many more others who are not excited about the prospect of a Trump presidency but they have consigned themselves to “the lesser of two evils.” To you I ask, “I know who you are voting against, but who are you voting for?”

Yes, you cannot stand the thought of Hillary in office because she is corrupt.  Evidence is clear that she has taken money from people all over the world in exchange for favors. Has that been proven?  We may not be privy to the flames (and we may never be) but there is an awful lot of smoke visible from where she stands. I get it, you cannot vote for someone in a position of influence who would cash checks in exchange for favors and leadership in a corrupt direction. But I have to ask, you are OK with voting for the person writing the checks for those favors?  Trump openly admitted to his part in the corruption on stage in the debates.  The truth is you cannot decry Hillary’s corruption and embrace Trump’s.  That is intellectually dishonest.

Hillary has clearly lied to the American people and to congress.  She cannot be trusted.  You are absolutely right.  Trump is just as dishonest. Maybe the most bold and blatant series of lies followed one of the debates in the primaries in which he brought out a table of his business products after Marco Rubio challenged him about his businesses.  Every product on the table was a fraud but he stood Bill Clintonesque like, looked into the camera and claimed every one of them.  He may not have lied about national secrets (yet) but his flagrancy and the disdain he showed for the truth that day demonstrates a propensity even greater than Hillary Clinton.

Of course the most popular topic is the Supreme Court replacements.  This of course is concerning.  We can expect with certitude that Hillary will choose liberal justices.  Trump, it is said, will choose conservative justices.  Is there real degree of certainty with that expectation?  He first said that his sister, an extreme liberal abortion proponent would make a good justice.  Then he gave us a list prepared by the Republicans of potential nominees.  Then he backed away from that list the next day.  Who has he surrounded himself with for decades?  Who is he surrounding himself with now?  How has he spoken about the Constitution?  What does he value? Who is he listening to?  There is no real reason other than, “he said so” to believe he will choose conservative justices and we have already seen that he is less than truthful in what he says.

So I ask, “I know who you are voting against, but who really are you voting for?”

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